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Get to know me!

I’ve always seemed to have got involved with so many things, even from such a young age. I had after-school clubs on every night. I just have so many interests and I can’t seem to narrow down which ones to concentrate on. While many people would consider this to be a bad thing, I absolutely love it, as I get to expand my learning every day.

My Passions

I absolutely love giving back and teaching – this has been clear since I was a kid and got involved in every fundraising event I could. I even started tutoring from the tender age of 11! By the time I was 16, I was already a professional tutor.

    This altruistic behaviour is seen through several initiatives that I’m a part of:

  • Complex Creative Pro-Bono Scheme
  • Mentoring at the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Digital Day for BIMA
  • Taking the Million Tree Pledge
  • Teaching at Birmingham City University
  • Cancer Research UK Challenges
  • Macmillan Coffee Mornings

Things I love

When I’m not working, you can probably find me binging on a thrilling Netflix show. I absolutely love the dramas, so long as they are not happening in my life! Favourites are probably something by Shonda Rhimes or Marvel.

I’m also a huge Liverpool fan, which is a stressful job in itself. But they’ve been pretty decent lately, so you’ll find me in a decent mood!

I enjoy relaxing in the evening by cooking, usually something Asian, but that’s usually quite late as I’ve got to let the 3-4 coffees I’ve had wear off. Then, for ultimate enjoyment, I’m washing that dinner down with a glass of Malbec… ahhhh.

No Bullsh*t Talks

My new passion is my podcast – I absolutely love meeting new people and having fascinating conversations. Each week, I meet a new entrepreneur who has been on a very unique journey. I try to ask the questions that other people avoid and we delve into some really valuable lessons that are ideal for small business owners.

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