Awards Season – and I’m a judge!

Everyone loves winning awards! Some people have a job that’s purely dedicated to their company winning awards… seriously! These companies realise the incredible PR value that’s attached to winning an award and hire someone to scope out awards, compile work and submit entries for them.

I’m sitting here writing this wondering why I’ve never even thought of trying to win an award!

I’m really privileged that I’ve been nominated for awards by others who are kind enough to think I deserve one, but I’ve never actually entered one myself. Nor have I entered Complex Creative into any. I feel like I’m letting my team down by not doing so! So, that may have to change.

This year, I’ve been asked to be a judge for the awards at different creative networks.

BIMA Awards

BIMA is the British Interactive Media Association and their awards are the longest standing and most prestigious digital and tech awards.

The awards platform has just opened up for judges and I cannot wait to see the creative work that’s in store this year.

Each year, the work gets more and more innovative and I’m excited to see the talent coming through.

DMA Awards

DMA is the Data and Marketing Association and is the driving force of intelligent marketing.

I’m really grateful to be judging this year’s Sustainability category, considering how much of a passion this is of mine. Our team have been working hard on all our sustainable web design practices and getting ready for our B Corp application!

What is considered to be an award-winning entry

Every judge will have differing opinions on this, but I will be looking for work that has powerful messaging and sets themselves apart from other campaigns or competitors. They don’t simply do the norm, but they go above and beyond, are innovative and shock and impress me with the end product.

Stay tuned to find out who the winners are!