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BIMA 100: CEO & Leaders Award

May 16, 2022

BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) is one of the industry’s leading organisations, bringing together some of the country’s top agencies, academic institutions and charities. They are the voice of digital and tech and their councils are often leading the way for important matters in each sector.

Each year, BIMA celebrate 100 of the people who they believe are leading the industry. Here’s how they describe it:

We’re not talking about work and projects, we’re talking about the leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and changemakers – the people we look up to.” 

The CEO & Leaders category is always the most entered one, and this year was no different. Over 150 business leaders were put forward for this category alone and I am pleased to announce that I was one of just 14 who were selected!

My name was announced next to huge names in the industry including the CIO at Oliver and the CEO of Digitas!

The BIMA 100 Celebration

Celebrating being part of the BIMA100 was such an incredible moment for me, as I felt so honoured to be around all the leading talent across the industry. Since the Class of 2021 were unable to have their celebration due to COVID, it was a joint party with all of last year’s winners too, making the party even better.

There were so many people who I’d spoken to for a couple of years on Zoom, but I’d never met, and so this was an amazing evening where I finally could connect with them in real life.

A fabulous evening, held at the Century Club in Soho, where everyone was in great spirits and just excited to meet other fantastic people in the industry.

I loved the “red carpet” feel of the event and the photographer who made everyone feel glamorous.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds and thank you so much to BIMA who has made me feel that all my hard work has finally paid off.