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Always trying to find a way to help out other small businesses

Complex Creative

Known as the No Bullsh*t Agency, we help businesses with their branding, design, website and digital marketing needs. Working with household named brands such as FitBit, UNICEF, Pirelli and the Ministry of Defence, we have a huge range in experience with large organisations.

However, we also work with a ton of startups helping them create a full brand identity and launch their new product/service to the world and make some noise.

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Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)

I started this organisation because when I started my first company back in 2008, I made so many mistakes as I had no idea what I was doing! I didn’t know who to go to for support. There weren’t many organisations who were very helpful at the time. I wanted to create a community of other small businesses who could help each other.

BYOB is just that – not only is it a great place for resources, but also for support from peers and exclusive discounts and support from brands that small businesses usually wouldn’t get access to.

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Corporate Chess

Combining my two passions – chess and business, Corporate Chess is a company which aims to bring more people to the game. We will organise a yearly national event where companies can fight it out for the title, while providing Grandmaster coaching and the opportunity to meet famous streamers.

The first Corporate Chess event is still being organised, so watch this space!