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I’ve been teaching in schools for over 25 years now! It makes me sound ancient, but I’ve been doing this since I was very young.

I believe that every child can learn something from this beautiful game. Whether it’s improved concentration, analysis skills, strategy or simply being able to sit quietly for a few minutes!

I’ve always had a different way of teaching, as I believe every child should enjoy playing chess before getting bombarded with theoretical knowledge.

I still teach in schools and privately and my chess book for children is one of the bestselling in the whole world, having been translated into 20+ languages!



Due to the growing popularity of chess, I’ve been running chess events with a twist.

Chess& Wine

Instead of cheese and wine, I run chess and wine evenings! Come join us in private members’ clubs around London where we have a wine tasting session while learning about chess.

Play on stunning Purling London chess sets, get coached by a chess master and enjoy your favourite glass of vino.

Chess& Poker

Since I joined the PokerStars and Poker Power bootcamp, I’ve really taking a liking to poker and noticed the crossover between the games.

So, I’ve been planning some combined events where both chess and poker is played! If you love both, you need to attend these.


Ever since the Queen’s Gambit hit Netflix, more adults have started taking up the game, or revisiting it since childhood.

Therefore, I now have more adult students than kids for the first time ever!

I also run corporate chess events, showing executives how to use chess strategy in business.

It’s never too late to learn chess; whether you want to become a chess master, learn skills to apply to other areas of life or you just want to beat your mates, there’s always a reason to learn chess.