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Kids Coaching

I’ve been teaching chess in schools since 2002 and absolutely love inspiring more kids to play chess. I believe that chess is such a valuable game to help children’s concentration, patience and calculation.

I was previously a full-time chess coach at Dulwich Prep School and have also had the pleasure of teaching at the leading schools in the country, such as St. Paul’s Girls’ School.

I also do private chess lessons for children in London and group chess lessons for 6-12 children.

Adults Coaching

It’s not only kids who want to learn chess! Ever since Netflix’s hit show The Queen’s Gambit, chess became so popular all over the world. Adults are also realising that chess is super beneficial to their concentration!

Learning chess has allowed people to become much more analytical at work and have better attention to detail. Plus, they seem to approach things in a much more strategic way, able to analyse possible scenarios in the future.

I still have a couple of weekly lesson slots available for adult chess coaching.


Chess streamers have made chess commentary much more popular in the last few years, which has been quite exciting to watch.

I’ve been doing chess commentary for several years, including taking me to glamorous places such as Hawaii!

So, whether you’ve got an in-person event or just looking for a bit of lively commentary on Twitch, then I’m happy to try and entertain while the chess players are doing their thing.

Chess for Business

Many people have requested I run a “Chess for Business” course because of the many applications from the game to the business world. While this is something that’s in the works for Corporate Chess, it is not something that is available yet.

Therefore, I am currently just doing consultations and providing corporate chess coaching to teams to help them become more strategic and analytical and work better as a team.

Chess for Children

While I have written a few books, The Batsford Book of Chess for Children is the book I am most proud of. Many kids find chess books really boring, and so I created a book with relatable characters that makes it feel more like a story book than learning.

The book has sold over 50,000 copies and has been translated into over 20 different languages.

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