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A selection of podcasts, webinars, radio interviews and TV shows I’ve been featured in

International Chess Master, Digital Marketer and so much more

Podcast by DayinDayout where we spoke about my many talents from Digital Marketer, Women’s International Chess Master and Award-Winning Author.

Why There is Such a Lack of Diversity in the Creative Sector

Interview by GYDA. In this interview we discussed why there is such a lack of diversity in the creative sector. I also speak about running an agency when you’re not a white male.

What Do You Learn
from an MBA?

Podcast by SiteVisibility. In this episode I spoke about what you learn from an MBA, and self learning vs further education. Video was added on January 10th 2022.

The Future of
Women Chess

On the International Women’s Day WGM Dina Belenkaya hosted a debate related to the place of women in chess. This video took place on May 12th 2021.

Sabrina Chevannes on the Queen's Gambit Declined

I talk to the US Chess Girls Club about the Queen’s Gambit Declined, showing some basic “Tabiyas” (initial opening positions), move orders and tricks.

Strength in Diversity - Don’t hold back! with Sabrina Chevannes

An interview for the fourth Winchester Creatives event. In this interview I speak on the subject about Strength in Diversity, and never holding back. Premiered Feb 2021. 3 Check Chess for Mind Sports Olympiad 3 Check Chess Commentary with myself and GM Danny Gormally, for Mind Sports Olympiad. This video was streamed live on August 21st 2020. 10 min Swiss for Mind Sports Olympiad 10 min Swiss Commentary with myself and GM Pontus Carlsson, for Mind Sports Olympiad. This video was streamed live on August 20th 2020. - Chess
Atomic Arena Tournament: Chess Atomic Arena Commentary with myself and GM Danny Gormally. This video was streamed live on August 14th 2020.

Agencyphonics Episode #21 with Sabrina Chevannes

In this podcast I share some stories of my successes and failures, and how I went on to build my brand. I start from the very beginning to where I am today.

WIM Sabrina Chevannes on Opening Principles

In this Chess class I talk about Opening Principles, and show some classic examples of the perils of not developing. Video featured on US Chess.

4NCL Jan 14-15 - WIM Sabrina Chevannes and IM Justin Tan Recap

The 4 Nations Chess League in Northampton – Rounds 3 and 4. Myself and IM Justin Tan take a look at some of the biggest blunders of that weekend.

European Club Cup 2016 - 4th day / SABRINA CHEVANNES

Interview at the European Club Cup Novi Sad 2016, where I was asked about the tournament so far. This interview took place on day 4 of the tournament.

Isle of Man Open International Chess championship 2016

Interview with at the Isle of Man, surrounding the requirement for women to wear a headscarf in the Woman’s World Chess Championship in Iran.

Branding that feels great podcast with One Stone Creative

Combin Podcast: Episode 47 - Best Instagram Tips for 2022

The Advertising Hour: Episode #18 - No Bullsh*t Marketin

Breaking the Creative Curve - From the Ground Up

Ladies Knight Podcast featuring myself and Jen Shahade

Business Owner Club Episode #10 - Sabrina from Complex Creative

Rockstar CMO FM Episode #33 - Sabrina "The WordPress Witch" Chevannes

The truth about success, with Sabrina Chevannes