Podcast hits over 40,000 downloads

I launched a podcast in January 2022 and pledged to release one episode a week for a year just as a new goal for that year. I didn’t do it with any big intentions or visions, but just because many people were encouraging me to do so and thought I’d be good at it.

I always loved meeting new people and chatting to them about business, so I thought that would be the premise of the show. However, I absolutely hate it when I see interviews that are so clearly staged or prepped by their PR team so you never get any real answers.

Instead, I wanted No Bullsh*t Talks to be full of raw and honest conversations that really pushed boundaries.

Finding Podcast Guests for Season 1

Before I started the show, I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to find anyone for the show and I’d run out of people within a few weeks. I naturally reached out to my network and had so many people say they’d love to be on the show but then they never ever got back to me.

I started to worry – it’s exactly as I feared. However, I had 5 people in my network who agreed to do it and I managed to get kickstarted with a great bunch of guests. After these were released, I was inundated with requests from guests to be on the show.

I got about 5-10 requests per week coming in, which was absolutely crazy, I thought. Why would all these people want to be on my small show?!

Before long, I was able to pick from an incredible bunch of inspiring people, including a model and breast cancer disrupter who has been inspiring women all over the world with everything she does.

How many podcast downloads?

Before long, everyone started asking how many podcast downloads I was getting, and I hadn’t even thought to look. I was super surprised to see how popular it was!

Experts say that if your episodes get more than 124 downloads in the first 30 days, then it’s in the top 50%. Just think about that for a second… there are currently over 4 million podcasts out there! To be in the top 50% means that I must be above 2 million other podcasts.

However, according to The Feed, published by Lisbyn, since I got over 1000 downloads per episode, I was in the top 20% of podcasts.

That’s completely mind-blowing.

Plans for season 2

After this news, I felt that season 1 was a great success and I learned an absolute ton.

So, I’m planning to “upgrade” the experience in season 2 and film in our very own studio and have the guests do an in-person interview.

Also, the guests on the show will be people I admire and look up to, so I cannot wait for the conversations I’m about to have. I’m also giving listeners the opportunity to ask future guests questions they may want to ask!

Stay tuned for more information, as I’ve just finished season 1 and even though I promised to release an episode every week, I feel that I deserve a little break before season 2!