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I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs for several years now, and even been teaching on MBA courses.

Whilst I am running my own business, I still work independently as a consultant, offering a variety of different services.


You don’t jump in a car without knowing where you’re going first and the route you’re going to take, so why do you run your business without determining your business strategy?

We entrepreneurs get tons of business ideas and then just run with them – isn’t that what entrepreneurship is? It’s creative, it’s innovative, it’s challenging.

We can call it what you like, but you absolutely need to have a strong strategy in place.

Plus, things change all the time, so it needs reviewing regularly.

I create tailored strategy days for you and your business, to help you maximise your time and profits.

A strategy day run by a chess master with an MBA? I doubt you’d find that anywhere else!

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I’ve been doing public speaking professionally for several years, but recently, I’ve started taking on the MC or compere role.

As an event host, it’s my job to keep the room buzzed and engaged, but also have the ability to freestyle and adapt to anything that may go wrong.

Having been LAMDA trained, I am fully prepared for professional speeches as well as having improvisation training, which is ideal when interviewing guests.

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Most people are still not aware about the impact that digital activities have on your carbon footprint.

Every email you send, whether you use attachments, the time you scroll through social media, your website etc. All of it emits carbon and a lot of it is not even necessary.

I’ve been on a mission to help educate the world about their digital carbon footprint and have been published in Forbes and the BBC about this.

I work with companies to help them lower their digital carbon footprint and hit their ESG goals.

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Coaching& Mentoring

I’ve made a lot of mistakes during my entrepreneurial journey and I’m sure I will still make many more to come.

Entrepreneurship is difficult, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

I help entrepreneurs navigate their way through daily difficult business decisions, improve productivity and efficiency and find ways for them to reduce stress and save money.

Whether you’re looking for coaching or mentoring (they are different), there are ways in which I can help.

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As a Chartered Marketer, I hold the highest title in marketing. This is because I’ve been around the block a bit when it comes to marketing. With over 15 years’ experience, I’ve worked with brands across all sectors.

I’ve helped grow startups from seed to exit, win huge brand deals for clients and help business owners retire with their profits.

Since I still run my own business, I can’t run a marketing team full-time, but instead, I act as a Fractional CMO for companies who want someone with my experience for just a few days a month.

Whether you’re looking for someone to write a full marketing strategy, guide the team on content, look through numbers and work on a marketing budget, my MBA training and marketing experience will allow me to help with it all.


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I’d love to find out a bit more about you and what you’re trying to achieve before I know whether I can help or not!

If I am not the right person for you, I assure you that someone in my network will be.

So, book in a call below, or drop me an email if you want to have a face-to-face meeting to chat.